Allied Forwarding warehousing is operated by fully trained competent and experienced personnel, who are friendly and courteous at all times. We believe the work ethic, professional competence and most of all, the customer orientated environment created by our staff gives Allied Freight the edge in warehousing and distribution.

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Each client’s specific needs are met with an efficient, cost effective solution that matches their requirements. The security of your consignment, whether awaiting despatch or collection, is vital to us. You can rest assured that your goods will be safe with us and easily available for despatching. Our experienced staff can advise you on all matters of administration, documentation and even insurance requirements.

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e-mail: info@alliedforwarding.com  


Allied Forwarding - Unit 9 Airport East Business Park, Ballygarvan, Co. Cork
t. 021 4311577 f. 021 4312601 e. info@alliedforwarding.com 

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